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If you haven't yet read the "How it works?" page, we recommend you read that first.

Each client has a consultation before the treatment, to design a bespoke style that suits you. We style in 4 different ways:








In addition to volume, we can use length and curl to enhance the eyes, appearing more attractive. Using a mix of different curls across the eye creates different looks. A soft curl such as a B and C curl are most suited for the inner corners, whereas the higher curls are best from the midpoint outwards, which really opens up the eyes.

Different Curls 

These L lashes, are specialist lashes, which have a flat base that are ideal for clients with straight or downturned lashes. 

You should only extend 2mm beyond the natural length of your own lashes. This is to prevent your own lashes from being overweighed, which causes drooping. Length is effective when combined with a high curl such as a CC, LC, D or LD.


Different Lengths


Any style will suit this versatile shape. However, if the eyes are wide or narrow set, see alternative styling.

Curlier lashes should be used under the arch of the brow. Longer lashes should not be used on the outer corners.

Shorter lengths and softer curl will be best suited as lashes look more prominent with this eye shape.

Longer and curlier lashes will bring the eyes forward. Lash extensions will appear 

shorter than the actual length.

Softer curl with longer lashes should be used to hide the ‘hood’ of the eyelid. 

Longer and curlier lashes will open the eyes, appearing larger.

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